Wednesday, June 1, 2011

17th Century Japanese Artist, Kusumi Morikage, "Nakoso-No-Seki" Painting

Kusumi Morikage was a 17th Century artist born in Edo, Japan, which is present day Tokyo. During the Edo Period, he was a student at the famous virtuoso Kano School in Japan.  The Kano School was a prestigious Japanese art school, which opened in the 15th century, and produced many acclaimed artists. Kusumi was taught by Kano Tan'Yu.  Tan'Yu was an highly honored Japanese painter who has produced many great works of art, and mentored four great artisans, Kusumi being one of them.  One of Kusumi's paintings, entitled, "Enjoying the Evening Cool" is considered a Japanese National Treasure, and is on displayed at the Tokyo National Museum.

I currently have an authentic 17th Century Morikage painting for sale now on eBay.  The Painting is titled,  "Nakoso-No-Seki" and on paper with Chinese ink and watercolor.   The painting features two samurai on horseback in traditional Japanese samurai dress.   The paining is done with exquisite detail, and very bold color.  The colors still shine bright on the fading paper, especially the beautifully done samurai uniforms.

Now everyone from the fanatic art collector to an average Joe has an opportunity to own a rare part of Japanese art history. This item along with an original 18th century write up about the piece is currently listed on eBay. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LISTING AND OWN A PIECE OF CLASSIC JAPANESE ART HISTORY!!!                                                                                                           

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  1. The full painting has three mounted archers and two men on foot and is twice as wide as the picture shown here.